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Meter Changes

Why We Change Meters 

If you receive notification that we plan to replace the electricity meter on your house, it’s likely for one of following reasons:

  1. To upgrade to new meter technology
  2. To test and verify meter accuracy
  3. To replace broken or defective meters
  4. To address safety concerns or accessibility issues

Under Measurement Canada regulations, electricity meters are subject to accuracy testing. We will remove meters, as necessary, to ensure all meters in service meet this legislative requirement. To learn more about Measurement Canada’s regulations, please read the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, the Electricity and Gas Inspection Regulations and other information from Measurement Canada on Meter Changes.

 If we, or one of our contractors, take notice of any issues with your equipment while we are changing your meter, we will contact you to let you know. Faulty metering equipment can be a very serious safety and fire hazard.