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Meter Reading Estimates

Why Are Meter Readings Sometimes Estimated?

We know the importance of accurate meter readings. We make every reasonable attempt to access and read your meter every month. However, there may be times when your meter reading may need to be estimated. Some reasons may include:

  • Unsafe conditions such as ice or snow on the path to the meter
  • Severe weather
  • Inaccessible meters located inside the residence or business
  • Locked gates
  • Presence of an animal (i.e. dog)
  • Etc.

Did you know if the path to your meter is inaccessible by our reader, you can avoid an estimated bill by submitting your own reading online? You can find out the date of your next reading by referring to the top of your electricity bill.

How do I know if my meter reading has been estimated?

The word “estimated” will appear in two places on your bill:

  1. next to your Meter Reading Date at the top centre of your bill. 
  2. under Meter Reading Information, next to your estimated reading, on the right hand side of your bill 

You can also access this information electronically by logging into My Account and viewing your Energy Usage History

How are estimates calculated?

Estimates are calculated by taking your consumption from your last billing period (provided it was not estimated) and adjusting it based on historical temperatures and energy usage patterns for that time of the year.

For example, if we need to estimate a bill for the month of January, we would take the following into account:

  • your December meter reading (provided it was not estimated); 
  • the temperatures most characteristic for the month of January; and, 
  • the difference in energy usage patterns between these months.

NOTE: Estimates are NOT based on the amount of energy you used during the same month last year. If your meter reading is estimated, it may be slightly higher or lower than your actual energy usage. However, this will self-correct during your next billing cycle, provided we are able to safely access your meter at that time.