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Osprey Nest Program

Osprey Nest Program

Because of their high 360 vantage points, electric utility structures are often used by some bird species as a base on which to build their nests. Nests can be located along any of our 12,850 km of distribution and transmission poles, as well as within our substations. Unfortunately, these locations can pose a threat to the birds and impact safety and reliability for our employees and customers.

To help minimize risks associated with these nests on or near electrical equipment, we have a Nest Management Program. The actions to manage the issues could include trimming nest material, removing nests, placing traffic cones on structures or relocating nests to platforms installed on or near utility structures. Relocating nests to specialized platforms can provide nesting sites for protected species, while minimizing risks of electrocution, equipment damage, power outages and even fire if debris falls onto energized power lines.

A species of bird that often makes utility structures their nesting home is the osprey. There has been a great deal of public interest in the osprey, so Newfoundland Power decided to install a live camera feed of the nest atop a platform installed just outside the Virginia Waters Substation on Snow’s Lane in St. John's.

Environmental Commitment Program

Environmental Commitment Program

Newfoundland Power's employee-driven Environmental Commitment Program was initiated in November 1997. Over the years, this program has gained considerable community support. Through our employees, we have initiated many environmental partnerships with local community groups and schools across the island.

Our Environmental Commitment Program is carried out by a network of employees located in Newfoundland Power's main service centers throughout the province. These Environmental Coordinators work with employees, schools and environmental organizations to identify opportunities to promote environmental awareness. From teaching the 3R's to primary students to working with communities to develop nature trails, the Company's Environmental Coordinators are well known in their communities for initiating environmental awareness and action.


Newfoundland Power is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We play a leadership role in creating public awareness around sustainability, energy conservation and the importance of preserving our environment for future generations.

EnviroFest is Newfoundland Power’s annual celebration of the environment, offering funding and hands-on support for initiatives that encourage positive environmental action throughout our province. Whether it’s improving a park area, enhancing a trail system, planting trees, starting a recycling program or adding/refurbishing a green space, these projects are aimed at enhancing the quality of life in communities across the province for many years to come through environmental action.

We are please to announce our EnviroFest 2022 Recipients. We would like to thank all those who submitted proposals and wish them the best of luck with their environmental projects.

people releasing fish into a stream

Fish Friends

Newfoundland Power is the corporate sponsor of the Atlantic Salmon Federations Fish Friends program that is being delivered by The Fluvarium. This public education program educates children about environmental sensitivity and freshwater fisheries. The program focuses on the life cycle of the Atlantic salmon through posters, brochures and an incubation unit that allow fish eggs to hatch and grow right in the classroom. At the end of the program, students release the fish back into local freshwater streams and rivers.

National Tree Day

National Tree Day

Newfoundland Power partnered with the City of St. John's and other like-minded organizations to celebrate the tenth National Tree Day, which was held on Wednesday, September 23, 2020, at Kenmount Terrace Community Park, St. John's.