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What We Offer

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

Our corporate success stems from the contributions our employees make, both individually and collectively, to our daily operations. Investing in the well-being and development of our employees is an investment in the future of our Company.

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Corporate Social Responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility

With employees living and working across the island, we have a connection to hundreds of communities in this province. In addition to our commitment to operate in the safest, most environmentally friendly manner possible, we believe in going above and beyond our corporate responsibilities to make a personal difference in our communities.

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Living in Newfoundland

A Great Place to Live

Whether you were born and raised here or you come from afar, Newfoundland and Labrador has something for everyone. The easternmost province of Canada, it has become known for its friendly people and breath-taking scenery. The province’s population is estimated at approximately 510,000, with over 90 percent residing on the island portion.

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