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Outside Your Home

When working outside your home always look above and around you for electrical equipment and infrastructure before beginning any project. If your project includes digging, make sure you contact us to ensure there are no underground wires present in the area.

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Tree Trimming

Our ability to provide safe, reliable, electricity service is affected by the growth of trees that could pose a danger to  power lines and the people we serve. Tree trimming around power lines can be very dangerous. Never attempt to trim trees near power lines yourself, leave it to our trained professionals.

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides the safety, reliability and security you want for your family and friends. Good outdoor lighting can help reduce accidents and injury and deter vandalism and theft. 

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Inside Your Home

Like any form of energy, electricity must be treated with care and respect. It is a part of our every day lives, but if handled carelessly, it can result in serious property damage, injury or death.

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Seasonal & Recreational

Remember to keep electrical safety in mind when swimming, using your snowmobile or ATV, or taking part in other outdoor recreational activities.

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Picture of a gas Generator

Generator Safety

Generators can be useful during outages. But, if you don't use them properly they can be dangerous. Before operating a generator make sure you know the correct operating procedures and ensure you are aware of all potential safety hazards.

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