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Energy Curtailment Program

In order to deliver a reliable supply of electricity to our customers, we are sometimes required to employ a variety of conservation and demand management strategies. One of these strategies is our Curtailment Program, which involves requesting certain customers reduce their load on the electricity system during the winter peak period (8 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily during December, January, February and March).

What is the Curtailment Program?

Our Curtailment Program offers an incentive for commercial customers billed on Rate 2.3 or 2.4 that can reduce their demand on the electricity system by 300 kW - 5,000 kW (330 kVA – 5,500 kVA), upon request, during the winter peak period.

Why consider Curtailment?

Customers who choose to participate in our Curtailment Program will receive an electricity account credit that is valued at up to $29/kVA per winter season. The credit is contingent upon successfully achieving the contracted load reduction when requested.

For example, a customer who can reduce their usage by 1000 kVA, and was successful in reducing their load upon each request during a winter season, may receive approximately a $29,000 credit on their electricity bill at the end of the winter season. Details on how the curtailment credit is determined is provided as part of the Curtailable Service Option included in Newfoundland Power's Schedule of Rates, Rules & Regulations.

What to Expect

  • Curtailment periods will not last longer than six hours for any one occurrence.
  • Curtailment customers will not be requested to start curtailing within two hours of the end of a previous
    curtailment period.
  • Curtailment periods will not exceed a total of 100 hours during a winter peak period.
  • Customers availing of this program will have approved load monitoring equipment installed.

How to sign up

Before a customer can avail of this program, we must first determine their curtailment ability. This includes a curtailment test for at least one hour prior to the commencement of the winter peak period. Customers interested in the program must also sign Newfoundland Power's Curtailment Program Agreement. Interesting in participating or learning more? Email us today.

Curtailment Process